Monday, April 16, 2018

Security Doors

A recent addition to our range of services includes high security doors and opening systems. From conception and specification, through h to manufacture and installation we can provide a bespoke solution to meet your performance, quality and budget requirements.

We utilise the latest CAD/CAM manufacturing methods and a wide range of modern and traditional materials such as steel, stainless steel, GRP and composites to produce internal and external access systems for commercial, industrial and residential use.

Options include a choice of locking systems ranging from a simple lever and latch to sophisticated electronic, remote access control, (incorporating CCTV surveillance if required), as well as a range of options for finishes and glazing.

To date we have provided solutions for all manner of requirements and clients including unmanned, utility control stations operating in the harshest environments, casino and leisure complexes, MOD facilities and most industrial, commercial and social housing situations.

We'd be delighted to discuss your needs whether it be a single residential door or multiple commercial installations.