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Pollards first opened its doors at the end of World War 2, the company’s commitment to quality engineering and first class service remains the same.


Established by Eric Pollard, the company originally focused on making tubular steel products, machine parts and spun aluminium cookware. Prior to this Eric had begun working in his coal house where, as well as his engineering work, he produced wooden ice cream spoons and lighting spills for Harrods.


A flower pot making machine was designed and developed which was then sold to developing countries including India and Rhodesia. Spares for these product were still being sold into the new millennium.


The first key customer from the Stanton Ironworks industrial region (now part of Saint Gobain). The work levels increased and helped the company grow acquiring a stronger reputation and a firmer base of staff with strong skills.


New premises were built on Mundy Street in Ilkeston, it was here that Pollards developed and produced a very popular and respected 3 wheeled electric powered truck. The vehicles were sold to a formidable number of councils, factories and parks.


The first fairground rides were produced as well as maintenance and testing for existing rides including Waltzers, Ski-Jumps and Twisters. To support the ever growing and popular industry, the Pollard factory also made transportation trailers and pay kiosks. For the next decade, this sector was to prove a primary focus for the business.


Larger premises built to handle the increased workload and the dimensions required to build fabricated projects.


Repair and maintenance work expands for clients in Stanton Ironworks. Large volumes of subcontracting machining and fabrication work is now undertaken for other regional metal fabrication companies.


The business provides engineering and fabrication services to local businesses to the rail, utility and construction sectors involving everything from steel pipelines to high security doors and small machined parts. In addition the company has fielded a rapid response service for critical breakdowns as well as preventative maintenance servicing for client installations and premises.

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