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Robust and Reliable Security Doors, Frames and Grilles

Where access restriction applies and the integrity of your security is vital, Pollards have years of experience in ensuring undesirable actions are prevented.

Pollards design, build and install high security doors and opening systems. From conception and specification, through to manufacture and installation solutions are available to meet performance, quality and budget requirements.

Up-to-date CAD/CAM manufacturing methods and a wide range of modern and traditional materials such as steel, stainless steel, GRP and composites to produce internal and external access systems for commercial, industrial and residential use.

CAD Design – Drawings



Steel Fabricated Security Assets

Shown below are some examples of the fabricated metal security assets that Pollards regularly produce to protect their customers premises.



Bar Grilles


Security and Locking Systems

From the simple but effective lever latch and deadlock devices through to cutting edge, encrypted electronic systems with integrated CCTV, Pollards only fit the most tried and trusted security locks.

Lever Latch

Remote Access

Electronic Fob and Keycode

CCTV Integration

Finishing and Glazing

Pollards design every door system to order, therefore allowing the customer to choose precise features that they want to include. There are options for fire rated protection, soundproof filling, high polished surfaces and specialist glazing for aesthetic value. Railings, grilles and gates can be powder coated, painted or treated to provide both the visual and level of corrosive protection required.

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