Design & Prototyping

Pollards Engineering Solutions

Pollards supply both new and existing customers with a compressive design and prototype services for metal components, fabricated sheet metal or machined parts.

From ‘one-off bespoke’ components through to multiples of intricate and complex designs, our in-house skills and capability are available to produce prototypes ready for evaluation and testing.

Translating Ideas into Real Products

A common scenario is for customers to present a prototype design that fails to consider the obstacles of turning a drawing into a 3D metal object. The design and engineering team are made readily available to find solutions to your problems that are suitable for budget, minimising production costs and improving lead times.


We encourage our customers, draftspersons and designers from other companies to liaise with the Pollards team, asking specific questions in order to determine design weaknesses and produce optimal solutions.

Advanced CAD Software

Pollards own licenses for a selection of industry standard CAD applications. To compliment this, the team are highly trained in order to maximise their potential in producing manufacturing drawings efficiently.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Design

The key to producing a structural assembly that is ‘fit for purpose’ and long-lasting resides in the design, the material selection and integrity of its form when fabricated. Pollards are experts in sheet metal fabrication and design, creating accurate products to suit the most demanding of environments to the tightest of tolerances.

Design of Welding Joints & Connections

Ensuring that all welding joints and connections are of the highest standards possible. NDT (Non-Destructive testing) is available to evaluate stress analysis in the design specifications.

Design of CNC Sheet Punch, Bend & Profile

If required Pollards can work from customer supplied and approved CAD files to produce continuous batches of punched, folded, rolled and bent shapes that are unique and suitable for your needs.

Pollards will supply you with an ‘Engineering Solution’ to your problem.

To discuss your requirements in more detail please contact us.

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