Pollards Engineering Solutions

Our fully equipped machine shop is manned by highly experienced, time served machinists and fitters. With both conventional and CNC machines, whether it’s a one-off precision machining requirement or batch engineering work – no job is too small or too complex.

We have the ability to repair-weld components then re-machine, to recover and refurbish expensive irreplaceable components, and where required NDT.

What Fabrication Services Does Pollards Offer?

Featured below are the most popular metal fabrication and finishing techniques that are used in the workshop by Pollards’ highly experienced and qualified production team.

Laser Cutting

Advanced, precise laser cutting technology enabling incredibly fast output of intricate parts, fittings and metal sections for fabrication that are required to meet stringent design specifications.

Plasma Cutting

CNC directed plasma cutting up-to 40mm in thickness, print to order components and designs straight from the design room to the shop floor.


Using modern and sophisticated punching hardware, the capability exists to output complex shapes and perforations from sheet aluminium, mild steel and stainless steel. Ideally suited to batch work for medium and high quantity volumes.

Sheet Metal Forming

Experienced shop floor press operators regularly working with ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Pressing and rolling services (metal forming) with numerous Press Brake machines to rapidly increase output.


Coded MIG and TIG welder teams with impressive amounts of experience in welding aluminium and various grades of steel including mild, cromweld and stainless. Our engineers are all qualified, enabling them to carry out their own inspections.


CNC lathe machines with hardened cutting tools in addition to vertical milling, and traditional bench drills. With various interchangeable cutting heads, highly intricate parts and components can be quickly produced.


Stringent material tolerances and compliance are at the forefront of every project. Working closely with customers to reduce shorter production times through strategically planned assembly processes.

Grinding and Finishing

Parts created in the workshop are subjected to meticulous, grinding, deburring and smoothing processes to procure surface finishes of the highest quality. Shot blasting, painting, powder coating, wet spraying galvanising and electroplating are offered to customers as superior metal finishing services.

Transport Logistics

Product shipping and transport handled by the experienced logistics department, using a variety of cases, crates, palettes to suit nationwide and oversea deliveries. Pollards have a modest fleet of delivery and service team vehicles to serve its operations.

Pollards will supply you with an ‘Engineering Solution’ to your problem.

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